Aireal’s augmented reality platform allows digital content to coexist with reality, creating infinite ways for people to experience their world. This proprietary method of anchoring digital content in defined Airspace, visible through mobile and wearable technology, is providing experiential opportunities that have never before existed.

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Aireal Technology


Aireal’s core technology allows for (2D, 3D, Video & Interactive) content to be placed at real world longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates. This gives people the ability to view and interact with digital content placed in their real-world environment without any markers, just their location.


The same way we are able to purchase digital space on the internet to place digital content for others to experience, Aireal’s Airspace allows you to purchase volumetric digital space within your real world environment. In the volumetric Airspace users can place 2D, 3D, video and interactive content for people to interact with.


Aireal’s Digital Mold allows for the platform to understand every outdoor environment in True-3D without the use of computer vision. This allows for real world objects to be taken into account and occlude from augmentations when a real world object intersects your line of sight. This enables the perception that digital content coexists with reality.


Aireal has dedicated their expert background in user experience design, captology and human sciences to craft over 70 different metrics that can be measured in real-time related to human behavior, engagement, geo-intelligence and return-on-investment. These metrics provide accurate data around the effectiveness of your digital experience.


Aireal’s augmented reality platform is compatible with mobile devices, as well as most current and emerging wearable technologies. We have taken a mobile first approach to expose people to the experience and change the behavior of using their mobile device as a distraction from the world around them, to enabling a new world of experiential opportunity.

Any Place, Any Time

Aireal’s platform allows for digital experiences to be published and placed any where in the world, at any time from any location. With Aireal, a digital experience can be placed instantly in multiple locations around the world for others to experience with a single click.

Aireal Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is the Founder & CEO of Aireal. He is the creator of Aireal's strategy and intellectual property. Hart's background includes business and user experience design.

Aireal Jeff Harper

Jeff Harper is the Lead Developer of the Aireal platform. He has devised and developed Aireal's platform and strategy. Harpers background includes video game development.

Aireal Juan Placencia

Juan Placencia is the Mobile Architect of Aireal. He ensures platform compatability and integration. Juan's background includes 8+ years of mobile development.

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